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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 8, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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chills throughout most of the d.c. area. what you need to know on this weather alert day to stay warm in the days ahead. making their way to work or roughing it in the hopes of some free food like some campers we hope to show you a little later this morning. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with your frigid forecast. >> a live view. you can see the flag near union station is hanging limply now. it was straight out an hour ago. the winds have diminished. it will be calm for a while. they will pick up and get going. our weather headlines today. frigid morning winds. the flags moving a little warm. going to get melting. finally getting above freezing tomorrow. all these areas in blue. we're right in the middle of it. west virginia maryland, and the district in effect until 8:00
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this morning. we'll have the subzero windchill. gusts 20 to 25 miles per hour. our windchill temperatures now are subzero in the nearby suburbs. near zero in washington and by the bay. temperatures single digits to just near 10 degrees. next weather and traffic on the 1s, hour by hour cold temperatures for the day ahead at 6:11. how are the roads now, melissa? >> looking good. 270 here. slow to the spur at montrose. no problems. nice and clear. 198 through laurel. inbound, outbound, looking good. beltway at temple, no issues there. 95, slow northbound in virginia because of the express lanes. some of the gates were not opening because of the cold early this morning. they are now, we understand, all open. still a lot of volume building. 95 northbound very likely because of that mal function with the gate.
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northbound rock creek parkly, virginia avenue a disabled tractor trailer. travel times in 10 minutes. eun? 6:02 is your time right now. bitter cold. most of you probably cranked up the heat overnight. 100 people braved the frigid temperatures for free food. and right about now that battle is about to pay off. megan mcgrath is live with happy and hungry customers >> reporter: well, yeah you can see folks are starting to file in to the chick-fil-a. this is part of a new promotion. the first 100 people get 52 free meal tickets. but in order to claim this prize, to be among the first 100, people had to sleep out here in the parking lot. it's very, very cold out here. about 10 degrees right now. a as you look behind you can see what's left of the tent city
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where people camped out overnight. we have been talking to folks. they said it was really, really very chilly. but a lot of people came ome had camp stoves. some people had portable heaters. pretty much everybody dressed in players. >> you can see now i look like a snowman. i'm huge. hand warmers. the full gear. >> now these folks came prepared. they did all right last night. but this is dangerous cold. bundle up and take precautions today. . thank you, megan. and d.c. is doing what it can to help the homeless stay warm today. a cold emergency plan now in effect in the city. allows the city to set up warming cities. it is issued when it is 20 degrees or lower.
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it will stay in place until tomorrow morning. . it is just 11 degrees outside our studios. feels a lot colder. a few new school delays to tell you about. >> howard and stafford county schools are opening two hours late. fairfax and prince george's are also on a two-hour delay. montgomery county says it is starting on time. prince william and arlington both starting two hours later. same for anne arundel in maryland >> in schools in loudoun county closed today. also closed is frederick county clarke county and winchester city schools. warren and fauquier on a two-hour delay. so is spotsylvania and washington county in maryland. falls church city schools one hour later. alexandria, manassas and manassas park delayed two hours. >> hampshire county is schools
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closed. hardy and morgan jefferson two hour delay. >> you can use the app to get the updated conditions from storm team 4. breaking news. a police officer shot in a paris suburb this morning has died. the other person who was shot is a street sweeper. no update on that person's condition. the female officer stopped to investigate a traffic accident when somebody started shooting. it has not been linked to yesterday's mass shooting at the magazine charlie hebdo. french police issued an arrest warrant for two brothers following the terror attack at the satirical magazine. police are searching for cehir and said kouachi.
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one of the brothers was linked to a terror enterprise. he tried to leave france from iraq to join islamist militants. 12 people were killed yesterday at that shooting at the magazine in paris. . and keeping your kids safe while they're away at college. the governor task force will have a second meeting. the group has been meeting in subcommittees for a few months. today they will present findings from those meetings and make recommendations. this is all happening at 1:00 inside the patrick henry building in richmond. right now trash collectors are all going back to work in montgomery county. collectors for unity disposal has been striking for two weeks. they say they want better working conditions and higher pay. they have not finished negotiating with the company. but federal mediator urged them to return to the job. talks are expected to start up against next week. >> today we are expecting to learn whether d.c. will host the
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summer olympics 10 years from now. boston, san francisco, and los angeles are the other candidates for the u.s. bid. whoever wins will go up against other cities from all over the world. . targeting police officers. the bizarre crime that left two prince george's county police cruisers mangled. . bitterly cold temperatures. stomach team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has your forecast at 6:11. making a a dangerous mistake. the rules you need to know to better protect your children. 10 degrees. feels m
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve. probably not what you want
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to see as you get ready to step outside. but these temperatures only tell part of the story. >> the windchills will make it feel much much worse out there. we've seen windchill temps negative 10 at one point in dulles. i can't wrap my head around it. >> enough to make you cry. other than the fact that your tears might freeze. >> we have our hour-by-hour forecast. hey, tom. >> i call that range stupid cold. it is down to just 9 degrees here in northwest washington. at the bus stop, layer up with everything you've got. it will hover 10 to teens between 8:00 and 9:00. bright sunshine. still a bit breezy. mid teens between 9:00 and 10:00. temperatures right now are just single digits nearby suburbs to 10 degrees. hour by hour, remaining subfreezing through the day. upper teens by noon time.
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winds diminishing. low 20s back to 20 by 5:00 p.m. a look at our cold weekend forecast coming up neck weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:21. melissa, with what's owing on? >> disabled tractor trailer blocking some lanes there. going to be a little bit nasty. wider look at things overall no major problems into or out of town. 395 north looking good. 66 east 270 south, no major issues. i'm back in 10 minutes. aaron? >> melissa thank you. your children's car seat may be facing the wrong way. three-quarters of parents turn their children's car seat to face forward too early. according to a university of michigan poll a lot of parents are not following on the
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american academy of pediatrics updated guideline. three-quarters of parents turn their car seat facing forward too early. rear facing should be 1 year to 20 pounds to a minimum of 2 years or until the child has grown the seat. 25% of parents were turning the seat before their child's first birthday. it is recommended to keep it until the child is 2.
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right now we are dealing with the coldest weather we have seen this weather. 6:16 your time now. we just learned fredericksburg city schools are opening two hours late today. you are going to need the warmest gear that you have before you step outside this morning. 11 degrees here in the district. we're dealing with windchills below zero across much of the d.c. region as you head out the door to work or school today. 6:17 now.
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if your car is parked outside you could have problems starting it on these bitter cold mornings. here are tips from aaa to help you get going in the morning. fill your gas tank the night before. that will reduce the chance that your water vapor in the tank will freeze and block your fuel line. check your tire pressure. as the temperature drops, the fires deflate a little bit. check your battery. clean the terminals. an old battery will have trouble starting your car in the morning. top off your radiator with an antifreeze mix and de-icing windshield solution as well. finally, if you find your car door locks have frozen in the morning, dip your key in rubbing alcohol and insert that into the lock. it will defrost the ice. the the key should turn. more ways to make sure you are ready for the freezing cold, nbc washington app. i posted on facebook as well. be sure to take care of your animals today too. you could face a big fine for leaving your dog outside. if you're caught, the penalty is $500. dogs that have to stay outside for a long period of time must
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have access to water and shelter to protect themselves. our coverage of the cold continues in a few minutes. tom will show us whether these cold temperatures will rise in time for your weekend or whether you will need to plan on bundling up at 6:21. the bitter cold is not just affecting us. it is wreaking havoc for the eastern half of the country. a live look at chicago this morning. negative 6 is the temperature right now. it feels like a negative 26 with the windchill. just brutally cold there, especially in the midwest and upstate new york. and affecting memphis, tennessee. even alabama where many schools are closed or delays today, again, because of the weather. the weather is proving treacherous in other places. 17 cars and multiple tractor trailers involved in a deadly pile up in i-80.
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white-out conditions caused the crash. state police say two people died. 30 people hurt in wreck >> right now teams off the coast of indonesia are looking for the black boxes lost in the airasia plane crash last month. we received this from the u.s. navy just into our newsroom. you can see five boats from the uss fort worth in the java sea. 162 people were on board that plane. as of right now, 40 bodies and the plane's tail has been found but not the black boxes. 19 after the hour now. we're expect to go learn more about the dump truck driver accused of ramming two prince george's county police cruisers in glen arden. police say two officers were stopped at the center to get wiper fluid. the driver exchanged words, drove away, and then circled around and ran the cruisers over.
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apparently that the -- well the investigators have not said whether or not they have a motive. they said the suspect made a verbal threat against the doctor in 2013. both were army veteran sps serves and served in iraq. larry hogan will announce more members of his cabinet. he also needs to name a head for the department of business and economic development. he will take the oath of office january 21st. a special anniversary today. 50 years ago man stepped into space for the first ever spacewalk.
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smithsonian is celebrating with their outside space exhibit. that exhibit opened today and features pretty incredible artifacts including space suits from the gemini program. >> always amazing us. weather and traffic on the 1s on this weather alert day. subzero temperatures we're dealing with. >> let's check in with tom. >> frequent storm updates all day long with this brrs-day weather. i will be sharing all the latest information on social media. and you can see it also on the storm team 4 weather app on your mobile phone, tablet. temperatures right now windchills are down to subzero in prince george's, montgomery and fairfax county. the windchills were then around 10 below zero. now it's just 0 to 5 below.
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that's still cold. respect the cold. layer up. here are the temperatures without the wind. it is just single digits right now most of the region. most of the morning commute, dry roads. bright sunshine. you'll need your sun glasses. the sun hits the snow and can be quite blinding. temperatures only in the low 20s by midafternoon. overnight tonight, clouds roll in. holding steady near 20 degrees. may get a few flurries as the clouds clear up. a blustery wind. finally getting above freezing friday afternoon briefly. friday night cold again. mid-teens saturday morning. saturday afternoon just into the mid-20s. very cold. get into the warmth of the walter reed washington convention center for the nbc 4 health and fitness expo. come on by. i would love to meet you. we'll be there sunday as well. good weather for that. might get a a wintry mix tuesday
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wednesday next week. next weather and traffic at 6:31. your walk to work forecast on this brrs-day. a new crash in frederick. 85 northbound at adamstown road. it could be there for a while. single vehicle crash into a pole. your alternate is new design road. avoid altogether. we're a little slow top of the beltway. inbound 395, a little bit slow as well. 66 and 95 again looking typical. about 45 miles per hour. nothing in your way. same thing for 95. slow down a little bit in dale city. overall george's county. rock creek parkway at virginia avenue, still delays because of the disabled tractor trailer. melissa, thank you. 6:24. 10 degrees in tinley town.
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you could face a toll hike. the owners want to increase by 10 cents for a total of $4.30. we're talking about the toll there. and a 15 cent during peak hour that. would raise tolls to $5.25. you have until february 6th to accepted in your comments. the american association for cancer research said the american society of clinical oncology issued a statement to the fda. they are calling for e cigarette labels to include health warnings and information on nicotine levels and asking for proof of age requirements for sale. it's now 6:24. 10 degrees in northwest. retailers in virginia are making sure they don't sell tobacco to minors. a survey shows 91% of retailers were not selling tobacco to youth under the age of 18. it is a federal mandate. each state needs to report
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tobacco sales no more than 20%. virginia department of behavioral health says it has been compliant since the mid 1990s. and tips for people look to go quit smoking and a lot more at this weekend's nbc 4 health&fitness expo. 9:00 to 5:00 on saturday and 9:00 to 4:00 sunday. free services, screenings for health. some fun classes and forums on mental health as well in our exchanges minds initiative. >> a lot of fun. we'll be out there saturday morning. >> yes. >> well, it's the last thing you would want to find when you walk into the bathroom this morning. >> a california woman found a snake coming out of her toilet at her business. stephanie laxa says she saw
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water coming out of the toilet so she thought it needed plunging. then she saw a colombian rainbow boa. after screaming she taped the door shut and called animal control. >> you don't expect that to ever happen. you hear about it. even animal control officers said this is like an urban legend. >> they said that snake had probably been stuck in the pipes for a few days. see, that could have happened at the wrong time. so this particular snake was under weight. it was in the process of shedding its skin. i don't know if that means they're less dangerous. >> i don't know if i could ever go back into that bathroom again. apparently if no owner comes forward by friday to claim the boa it will go to a local reptile group.
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>> who will keep it and make sure it doesn't get out to the wrong room. >> which state in our area is receiving high marks for education and how our region stacks up against the nation. the special donation for the gemmell family as the community does what it can noticing any warmup this morning. as you get ready for work, the conditions you'll have to face with your walk to work focast at 6:31. 10 degrees. we are dealing with subzero windchills on this weather alert day.
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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that is the message of the many day as we deal with cold temperatures on this thursday morning. metro riders in chinatown all bundled up. the temperatures are just part of the story. take a look at the windchills behind us now. ugh. >> a lot of negatives. negative 5 in leesburg for you. storm team 4 tom kierein is here with your what to wear forecast.
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>> insulated gloves insulated socks. keep the extremities well with covered as we have temperatures that are the coldest we have seen so far this winter. here's what you need to wear as you head out the door walking to the metro waiting for this morning. a warm coat, hat, gloves, scarf. bright sun bouncing off the snow can be quite blinding. bright sunshine for the afternoon as well. temperatures right now single digits most of the region to just near 10 degrees in washington. a little bit of iciness around as temperatures will be in the low teens for much of the morning. during the afternoon walking back home from work and getting on the bus and metro it's only going to be in the 20s. dress accordingly. next weather and traffic on the 1s. your neighborhood highs for the afternoon is 6:41. melissa, the roads vice president been too bad so far,
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right? >> right now we have a brand-new crash here. this is inbound pennsylvania avenue before suitland parkway. otherwise, no major problems this morning. crash off to the left side of the roadway but slowing things down inbound on pennsylvania. adams town road closure as well. just the northbound lanes. alternate is new design. spoke with police a while ago and they said it should be out of the way once the tw gets on the scene. 270 old hundred road, heading south there. 50 miles66. keep our fingers crossed there this morning. 95 northbound out of triangle slow in dale city. 22 miles per hour. woodbridge and lorton as well. back with travel times in 10 minutes. >> your time now is 6:33. still dealing with subzero windchills out there for you. the combination of this cold weather and icy roads is letting some of your kids sleep in today.
6:33 am
fredericksburg city schools are opening two hours late today. virginia, fairfax, prince william, arlington, two-hour delay. loudoun county schools closed. also closed, frederick county, clarke county. >> prince george's and howard county delayed two hours. so are anne arundel and washington county schools. montgomery tells us it is starting on time today. back to virginia. warren fauquier, response vane ya on a two-hour delay. alexandria, manassas city and park two hours. >> all these delays on the bottom of your screen and on the news 4 app and >> right now about 100 cold and hungry people are getting the payoff for camping out all night
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in subfreezing temperatures. these brave men and women slept in tents outside the chick-fil-a in dumfries. the first 100 who made it through the night and the front door are getting a free chicken sandwich once a week for a year. we have much more on this winter blast. how the commuters are handling the elements later in the broadcast. today marks one month since a plane crashed into multimedical homes in montgomery county. marie gemmell and her two youngest children died. they received all of these items. the restaurant owner says donations came as far as away as from hawaii and austria. and the dough tphaugzs number in the thousands. >> one of our last packages was
6:35 am
from austria. >> ken gemmell has only taken one item so far. a broncos sweatshirt because th broncos flngimis surviving daughter to this weekend's playoff game. marie was a huge football fan and her favorite team was the broncos. 6:35 your time right now. justice for john gear will protest outside fairfax county police headquarters. the police accountability group is protesting against his death. a transparency of the fairfax county police department and the circumstances surrounding gear's death. the protests will highlight the need for a citizen review board in fairfax county. close to 200 people are expected to attend the protest. it will take place outside the matthew building from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 6:36 now. 10 degrees outside our studios. metro is expected to announce a new acting general manager today.
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>> the metro boss richard sarls is retiring this month. the agency's assistant general manager will be asked to take the reigns as acting gm. the announcement is expected at a board meeting today. metro plans to make a permanent pick by the end of january. new this morning. we are getting some information about maryland slipping from first to third place in a national ranking on education. education week the national newspaper that ranks state education centers based on statistical information. massachusetts now takes the top spot followed by new jersey. from 2009 to 2013 maryland held first place in the rankings. education week did not rank states last year. virginia is ranked 12th. d.c. came in 38th. west virginia is in 27th place. new rules could be coming to prince george's county schools for when a student is suspended.
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students could be assigned community service as opposed to suspension or expulsion. maryland delegate washington proposing a pilot program at three county high schools. students could face community service work rather than suspension for nonviolent and nonsexual offenses committed on school property. the connection to wednesday's terror attack. can't get much colder as we start off the day. high temperatures in your neighborhood. new meaning to picking up basketball. a unique promotion to get fans to turn out for the game. 10 degrees. subzero
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on the you can see from storm team 4 weather deck the temperature is just about 10 degrees. it's been that way in washington. take a look at the screen on the right. these are the current windchills. you see negative 4 leesburg. negative 3, winchester. really really cold out there. . storm team 4 tom kierein. let's talk about the bigger numbers. >> hashtag brrs-day. a frozen blueberry and tangerine sky. temperatures neighborhoods by 8:00 this morning will still be hovering 10 degrees. neighborhood highs by midafternoon. low to mid-20s across most of virginia and maryland. a look at how long this cold snap lasts next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:51. how are we doing melissa?
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>> pennsylvania avenue, off to the left side of the roadway. left shoulder. inbound is slowing things down. just got this as well. yellow line delays because of an earlier malfunction at king street. we'll keep you updated with that one as well. good news, now open at virginia avenue in northwest. 95 northbound quantico to the beltway, not bad this time of day. 36 minutes. 395 a little slow. 66 east not bad at all. outer loop to 270, 16 minutes. >> it could be another way to get you interested in sports. last night during the atlanta hawks fans were able to use tinder during the game. they called it swipe right night. on the app you can swipe right if you're interesting or left if you're not interested in someone
6:43 am
on tinder. the app creates a match. as you can imagine the internet loved this idea. some people tweeted pictures of meeting the matches at the game. >> a lot of technology. going for the goal. the decision in the day ahead could determine whether d.c. area will get a chance to try to be an olympic city. not the day you want to find yourself outside. trying to catch a ride to work. we'll show you how commuters who use these slugs are coping with with this very cold weather. 6:43. 10 deg
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your time right now is 6:46. take a look. 10 degrees outside our studios with with the wind chill well below zero in many parts of our region. it is going to be dangerous to be outside for any length of time today. tom kierein promises we will feel a warmup soon. he'll tell us more about that in just minutes at 6:51. . breaking news. a police officer shot in a paris suburb this morning as died. the other person shot was a street sweeper. just after 8:00 a.m. local time, female officers stopped to investigate a traffic accident when somebody started shooting. the shooting has not been linked to yesterday's mass shooting at
6:47 am
the magazine charlie hebdo. the hunt is on for the two brothers connected to that shooting. one of the brothers tried to join islamist militants in iraq. the two suspected terrorists are still at large. they both remain on the run. there have been reported sightings but nothing that has checked out. these are pictures circulating across trance and the world. the two brothers known to have targeted that satirical magazine. it was the third suspect, the youngest in the group, an 18-year-old, that turned himself in yesterday in northeastern france. one of the brothers is known to french police. he was charged with criminal association related to a terrorist enterprise in 2005. he was arrested. he served a couple of years in prison. then when he got out, french authorities say he left france and went to iraq to join islamic
6:48 am
militants there. french president hollande said the country was struck in the heart by the rampage yesterday at the headquarters for that magazine. a national day of mourning today. just a few moments ago a moment of silence all throughout france. eun and aaron. >> in northwest d.c., hundreds gathered at the museum to remember the 12 people who lost their lives. they read every name and then the phrase "i am charlie." the museum projected the phrase on its atrium screen as a show of support for free speech. coming up next on the "today" show more how the people of paris are trying to get back on their feet. more on the manhunt for the two brothers at 7:00 a.m. right after news 4 today. 6:49. 10 degrees outside. today virginia is continuing its
6:49 am
mission to keep your kids safe while they're away at college. this afternoon the governor's task force on combatting sexual violence will have a second meeting. today they will present their findings from those meetings and make recommendations. this is all happening 1:00 p.m. inside the patrick henry building in richmond. if you live in montgomery county, trash collectors are back on the job. collectors for unity disposal say they want better working conditions and higher pay. they were on strike. they have not finished negotiating with the company. they urged the workers to return to the job. they were on strike in two weeks. >> coming up 10 minutes before the hour. we could learn whether d.c. will be the choice to host the summer olympics 10 years from now. the district is up against three other cities in an effort to become the host city. they are meeting in denver. they will do that today. they will consider other cities as well.
6:50 am
boston, san francisco, and los angeles all contenders here for the u.s. bid. members are expected to announce their decision once this meeting is over. now, we don't know how they are evaluating the candidates, but you might remember that d.c. area leaders sports figures, politicians people like you they all made this video in hopes that it will help make their case. it is fun to imagine what the olympics would mean for the area. maybe a new stadium or two. even if d.c. is chosen to be the host city or the candidate, it will be a long time before we hear whether it has a real hope for the game. the in committee won't announce its finalist until spring of 2016. the final winner wouldn't be chosen until summer -- or september of 2017. so make sure you have the nbc washington app on your phone. we'll send out a breaking news alert as soon as the decision is announced. >> wssc says 2014 was the second busiest year ever for water main
6:51 am
breaks. there were 2,080 water main breaks across the agency last year. that ties 2010 for second place. 2007 was the busiest year with 2,100. it is preparing for another busy year. crews already responded to 60 breaks in the first seven days in 2017. some of these pipes are old when you go back and forth. you know we will have freezing pipes. >> that's what happens, yeah. >> the first snow stick challenge of 2015 is in the books. the winner of the best snow hat received an official pat collins snow stick. it came down to four finalists. the cat in the hat as you see there. a little beard there. a little extra. hamburger hat. monsters inc.couple and baby's fitter snow hat. eun, melissa and i judged these entries. there were a lot of creative pictures that came in.
6:52 am
some were a little off the wall. it was tough. the winner is the monsters, inc.couple. >> i always tell him you need to wear a hat. >> when she tells me to, i wear it. >> i said put this on. it's warm. just put it on and be quiet. >> he said yep. uh-huh. >> the reason for the monsters, inc.hat, 24ththey go to disney twice a year. the official winners of the pat collins snow stick. they put their heads together with the monsters inc hats. >> i like them because they had a story to tell. tell stories. >> how could you not pick that pain. >> i loved that baby. and the hamburger. you know how i feel about food. >> i was concerned about the baby's interview. >> is it's one of those mornings. you don't care what kind of hat you're wearing as long as you do
6:53 am
have one. frequent storm team 4 updates all this brrs-day as temperatures will fall below freezing all day long. we will have frequent updates for you. right now it is down to just sing digits in most of maryland, most of virginia. near 10 in washington. windchill advisories in effect until 8:00 this morning. chills around 0 to 10 below zero. generally windchills 0 to 5 below zero. post pictures like these dogs having fun in the show. this is posted by lynn passoza peters. she said this dog loves to eat snowballs. post to facebook twitter and
6:54 am
instagram. most roads will be dry. in the teens for the morning commute. afternoon commute, low 20s. dry roads. have your sunglasses. the bright snow can be blinding. finally above freezing tomorrow afternoon. here we go again. below freezing over the weekend. heating and fitness expo, great day to be there where it's nice and warm next chance of rain monday. stay tuned. melissa is skrufrping her nose at that. >> that and this. take a look, tom. 270 southbound, slow. earlier car fire off to the shoulder. still slowing folks down. 85 northbound, adamstown road. and then the beltway little river turnpike they say the outer loop is blocked. left lane only. it looks like it is the inner loop of the beltway.
6:55 am
little river turnpike be war. 66, 95 moving along as they normally do. guys? thank you, melissa. it is a cold day to commute no matter how you get to work. and the frigid temperatures are making the fast-moving slug line in dumfries seem long. megan, good morning. how is it hanging out in this cold weather? >> reporter: eun, a lot of very cold people. with the temperature like that it is cold. standing in line like these folks are, waiting in line to get to work. not a lot of movement. we're seeing a lot of cold people here this morning. not a great day to be out there in these temperatures. it's actually dangerous cold. so you know, when you're leaving the house, make sure that you are dressed appropriately. and you have those hats those gloves, and heavy boots. back to you guys in the studio.
6:56 am
thank you, my began mcgrath. oh, my goodness gracious. you just need to bundle up and put everything you have on if you have to wait outside. >> particularly kids too. there are delays and closings. >> download the nbc washington app to make sure you see the full list any time. prince george's, howard, app arundel and washington county, two-hours delay. montgomery county is starting on time today. loudoun county closed. also closed frederick in virginia. county in winchester city schools. >> fairfax, arlington, prince william, warren fauquier spotsylvania, fredericksburg, two hour delay. alexandria, manassas city and parks delayed two hours. falls church, one hour late. >> grant county closed. hampshire county closed.
6:57 am
hardy and morgan opening two hours late. >> that is the broadcast this morning. appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. see you in 25. >> make it a great
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people of the coffee drinking world, dunkin' has a dark roast coffee that's deliciously roasted just right for a bold start and smooth finish that's never bitter. put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for the one you deserve.
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good morning, closing in overnight, several arrests tied at a paris newspaper, an 18 connected to the attack turning himself in as police hunt for the brothers allegedly behind the shootings while another fatal shooting of a police officer this morning rocks that city. deadly call 200 million americans now in the grip of that dangerous deep freeze while snowy, icy roads, lead to pileups and a terrifying ride for one family who crashed into the back of a moving truck. >> he's not stopping and our car is embedded underneath of it. >> back on stage, protesters descend on bill cosby's first live performance if


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